Is Your Home Drafty? Save Money and Feel More Comfortable By Upgrading The Insulation In Your Home

Nobody likes to feel a draft in the winter or warm in the winter inside their home. Insulation ensures that in the winter the cold air stays outside and the warmth inside, and in the summer the opposite is true. We provide a full range of insulation services to ensure your home is properly insulated.

The Three Types of Insulation:

1. Blown-in Insulation for Attics and Existing Wall Cavities

Ontario Building Code, as of 2016, requires a minimum rating of R60

Our Blown-in Insulation Process:

We take a depth measurement.
If material is old and compressed, we will dispose of it.
If there are any health hazards such as mould, they will need to be professionally remediated.
Cost is calculated based on cubic feet.
Prior to blowing in the insulation, we make sure the attic baffles are installed every 4 feet for proper air circulation to ensure proper ventilation.
Insulation is then blown into the cavities and measured to ensure it meets the correct R-value (see chart below).

2. Batt Insulation

Ontario Building Code minimum standard is R-12, but our standard is R-14. Batt insulation is used for a new wall or a floor joist cavity. Generally best suited for home additions or a new build. This material is tightly woven, as opposed to the light and fluffy blown-in insulation above.

Our Batt Insulation Process:

We install insulation products by Owens Corning and Ruxol's Safe and Sound.
A vapour barrier is always applied on the warm side of an exterior cavity.
An acoustic seal is also applied around the edges of the vapour barrier to prevent air flow and the formation of moisture on the drywall.

3.Spray Foam Insulation

We bring in the experts for this premium insulation, as part of a large renovation project. This is the most efficient insulation solution and it is the most expensive option because it is fast.
Fine Finish Wall Systems - Insulation diagram
Type of Insulation
R Value​
(insulation level, higher R Value is better)
Blown-in Insulation
Meets Ontario Building Code minimum
Batt Insulation
Exceeds Ontario Building Code minimum
Spray Foam Insulation
R15 - 19
Meets Ontario Building Code minimum


Jason and his team were fantastic!

They came in on a last minute, tight timeline and delivered. We needed to have the ceiling of our basement drywalled and finished before our new floors went in.

Jason and his team were flexible around our timeline, efficient and professional. I work from home normally and they were not disruptive at all.

The work they did was great and they even fixed up and finished the drywalling that was already done before them.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any family or friends.

Phil T


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