Framing Is the Spine of a Wall System: it's Got To Be Done Right!

Proper framing ensures a structurally sound wall system that is plumb and true and will ensure an aesthetically pleasing and seamless look. If the framing is done improperly, the wall will show imperfections. We take pride in building walls the proper way. From choosing the right materials to designing the right plan, we bring everything together to bring your vision to life. We're experts in all framing systems.

Proper Framing Guidelines: Here’s How It’s Done

  1. Ensure all timber is checked and marked for its bows and crowns.
  2. Door and window openings should always have the proper king and cripple studs. These are the underlying components that provide the strength to these vital areas of your home.
  3. All nailed partition/back framing should be backed up with a screw ratio of 2:1 (1 screw for every 2 nails).
  4. We use a wood-steel hybrid for all bulkheads and columns. This ensures laser-straight corners and eliminates warping and twisting of rim timber.
  5. A sill vapour barrier is always applied between timber and porous material (like concrete). Its purpose is to prevent moisture transfer onto the timber which would cause rot and mould.

    How to Find The Right Framer

    Always ask for references from past customers. There is no substitute for talking with real people who have hired and experienced the trade professional personally.

    Be sure to ask the customers these questions:

    1. Are they happy with the work done?
    2. Was their project completed on time and on budget?
    3. If there were issues in a past project, how quickly and effectively did the company to respond to and resolve the issues?
    4. How were they treated by the tradesman? Were they listened to? Was communication adequate, and was the work area cleaned up daily so it was safe?
    5. Would they recommend that tradesman? (If not, GIVE US A CALL)

    Ready to hire the best Framer?

    We are the best in the business. Our highly trained craftsmen and family-friendly process ensure you get the job done right. Get your quote today

    Next Steps

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