Exterior Stucco

Does your home's exterior or interior need a fresh look?

A Stucco exterior for your home offers design styles and benefits impossible to achieve with any other exterior cladding system. A textured state-of-the-art EIFS system (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) is durable, weather-resistant, and looks great for years. The same look can be achieved through a coating system that saves you some money, but where you save monetarily, you will be sacrificing the durability and longevity of the system.

Choosing the right architectural coating applicator is vital to ensuring the longevity and performance of the system. Every tradesman on our team is a classically trained master plasterer with a minimum of 10 years of experience. See below for some advice.

Basic Breakdown of an Exterior Stucco System

  1. Proper Substrate
    This is Integral to the life and longevity of an exterior stucco finishing system. The proper substrate can only be installed over an approved substrate such as plywood, Dens Glass Gold, or cement board. In some circumstances, 7/16 OSB is acceptable. It is possible (though not ideal) to apply coatings directly to a masonry system.
  2. Moisture barrier This is the material that stops vapour from penetrating the building’s sheathing.
  3. Proper back wrap
    The back wrap is required to fully envelop the perimeter of the foam system. It is an integral element because the back wrap will hold the system together in the event of a fire, preventing damage from spreading past the cladding, and also keeping firemen safe from falling molten liquid foam. In addition, the back wrap provides waterproofing to help prevent rot.
  4. EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)
    EIFS should only be applied without heat and hoarding when the temperature is +5 degrees celsius for the duration of the application. It takes 12 hours for coatings to dry fully and 28 days to cure fully.
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Weather is a factor: colder temperatures call for a proper hoarding of the wall and even application of heat for the duration. EIFS is applied in colder weather without heat and hoard, the system will bleed efflorescence (minerals left behind after curing and moisture has evaporated) or worse yet when the system warms up and thaws, the finish will reanimate, streak and cure in a streaking gloppy mess.

Stucco Sample-15- Fine Finish Wall Systems

How to Find The Right Stucco Craftsman

Our best advice to all of our customers is to ALWAYS ASK FOR REFERENCES AND GO SEE THE JOB AND TALK TO THE HOMEOWNER who paid for the work.

Choosing a qualified craftsman for your project is vital to getting the job done right, fast, and with minimal hassle to your daily life. When looking for a stucco applicator, consider the following:

Beware of Contractors Who Take Short Cuts

To save time and money, some contractors will sometimes substitute prep coat for the moisture barrier, or eliminate this layer altogether! The moisture barrier is integral – it must not be omitted or supplanted. Skipping the moisture barrier is a completely unprofessional practice and will cause the entire system and wall cavity to fail!

Beware of Contractors Who Lack Technical and/or Aesthetic Expertise

When it comes to the acrylic application of a stucco cladding system you must be confident in the skill set of the applicators. Your system can be 100% compliant with manufacturer specs but if the technique hasn't been mastered the whole look of the system could be ruined by something as simple as not floating the finish coat properly. This could result in a non-uniform texture or even worse, inexperienced applicators might "burn" the finish coat. By not knowing what to look for at the various stages of the finish application and over float the wall or sections of it, horrible scarring and discolouration can occur.



We had Jason and his team fix some severely water damaged stucco on the front of our house. From our initial conversations to the finished product, Jason was professional, courteous, and passionate about what he does. We knew that we were in good hands and are extremely happy with the work that he did. He kept us updated throughout the process, gave us a realistic timeline and even finished the work a day early! I would recommend Fine Finish Wall Systems in a heartbeat!



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