Exterior Stucco Repair


Exterior Stucco Repairs

Stucco is a top choice for exterior wall coatings due to its durability and ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any residence. However, like any other building material, stucco can suffer from wear and tear over time due to weather conditions, aging, and external factors such as woodpeckers and nesting birds.

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Woodpecker holes, or any hole for that matter can pose a serious threat to the integrity of your structure, especially when smaller birds like sparrows and swallows use them to build their nests inside wall cavities. Although this may seem harmless, if left unaddressed, it can lead to extensive damage to the entire structure.

The problem stems from water seeping in through the holes and saturating the foam. When temperatures drop in winter, the water freezes, causing the foam to expand and push the coatings apart, resulting in large protrusions and, in extreme cases, complete failure of the system.

Neglecting these small holes can cause more significant problems, such as base material rot, interior water damage, and mold growth. Therefore, it is crucial to address this issue promptly before it escalates into a major problem.

It is crucial to address these minor holes promptly, as delaying repairs can lead to potentially significant issues. Don't underestimate the damage that these seemingly small birds can cause. Trust Fine Finish Wall Systems to fix the problem efficiently and effectively.

When it comes to repairing damaged stucco, it's essential to hire a contractor with a proven track record and ample experience.

Poorly executed repairs can exacerbate the problem or create new issues down the line not to mention an exaggerated eyesore. However, an experienced contractor can provide expert guidance on preventing future woodpecker damage and maintaining the long-term durability of your stucco system.

A cost-effective solution for damaged walls is to opt for the correct fix that costs between $250 to $450 per hole. We use a precise and efficient method by superseding the damaged area by a minimum of 1'x1' square, replacing it with new foam, and adding a new moisture barrier if necessary. Then, we grind the finish coat back on the existing wall about 3 inches, apply a 5oz mesh, modified polymer base coat, and finally a finish coat.
We understand that the aesthetics of your wall are important to you, and we guarantee a minimum 90% color match or better, even in cases where the wall has been imprinted with carbon or bleached by the sun.

Our team at Fine Finish Wall Systems specializes in repairing damages caused by woodpeckers and wear and tear over time on stucco systems. Our team of experts is highly skilled and uses premium materials and effective methods to ensure lasting results and a visually appealing finish.

By following proper procedures, we ensure that the result is a seamless patch that will last the life of your wall system. Trust us to fix your wall, and you won't be disappointed.
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