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Dustless stippled ceiling removal: create a smooth ceiling you’ll love

It’s no longer the 1980s! No homeowner has to live with a stippled or popcorn ceiling. These types of ceilings went out of fashion a long time ago, and for good reason. Stippled or popcorn ceilings collect dust, look ugly and dated, and are incredibly difficult to clean.

If you have a popcorn ceiling, it’s most likely because your home builder decided to reduce their production time and take a shortcut. Popcorn ceilings are usually used to cover up flaws quickly rather than taking the time to do the job properly.

Homeowners are often wary to remove them because it can be quite a messy and daunting task. However, the team here at Fine Finish Wall Systems has years of experience working with these types of ceilings and will remove yours with as little mess and dust as possible.

It’s quick and affordable, and a ceiling upgrade will add visual height to your room!

Do you have a stippled ceiling? Get your home tested for asbestos!

Did you know the material used to create the stippled look for ceilings often contains asbestos? Asbestos is a hazardous material that can impact your health. Damage and deterioration of a popcorn ceiling over time increases the chance of asbestos particles becoming airborne.

This is a huge health risk because your body can’t break down or remove these fibers if they get lodged in your lungs. This can cause respiratory issues and even disease.

If your ceiling contains asbestos, our team won't sand it down due to health risks. But we will entomb the ceiling and apply a level 5 plaster system directly over it, which means we’ll add a minimum of 4 coats of gypsum plaster. Many tradespeople don’t offer this advanced technique, but it’s designed to keep your family safe in your home.

Our team offers asbestos testing for ceilings through an accredited laboratory. In 24 hours, this test will tell you if your stippled ceiling contains asbestos. From there, we can work out a plan together.

Promising a dust-free ceiling smoothing service for all our clients

Removing a popcorn ceiling usually leads to a dust-filled and messy room, but we use a dust-free sanding system that provides a 95% dust-free environment.

Our method involves a wet-sand technique or mechanical extraction. We’ve honed our skills to help ensure your home is never filled with debris.

We care about your home, so we developed a 3-level shield floor protection system that protects your floor from rogue dust too.

See our dust-free sanding system in action by booking a popcorn ceiling removal service today.

infographic on 3 Level Shield Floor Protection System
Smooth ceilings enhance the elegance of your home 

just take a look at what our clients had to say


I wanted my stippled ceiling flattened and the water damage fixed. Jason flattened the stippled ceiling perfectly and pointed out to me that there was more damage on my ceiling than I had realized.

He used another system to fix the damages and the end result is amazing!

Jason goes out of his way to make sure things get done properly and efficiently. Thanks again!


We had Jason and his team fix some severely water damaged stucco on the front of our house. From our initial conversations to the finished product, Jason was professional, courteous, and passionate about what he does. We knew that we were in good hands and are extremely happy with the work that he did. He kept us updated throughout the process, gave us a realistic timeline and even finished the work a day early! I would recommend Fine Finish Wall Systems in a heartbeat!



How to get rid of your popcorn ceiling - our process

Our four-step process is simple and designed to ensure your home and family’s safety at all times.


First things first, if it’s necessary, our team will test for asbestos and wait for the results. It takes 24 hours for the results to come through


Next, we remove all furniture, ensure floors are protected with our triple-layer floor protection, and protect walls with our single-layer protection.


If the ceiling is painted and asbestos-free, our team mechanically extracts the dust and applies a level 5 plaster system.

If the ceiling contains asbestos, then we entomb the surface and apply a level 5 plaster system.


Finally, we resand and extract the remaining dust (if your ceiling is asbestos free), leaving it perfectly smooth and ready to paint.

We can also recommend a painter if you need some preferred and trusted trades

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