Dustless Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service

Dustless Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Turn Your Ugly Ceiling Into a Perfectly Smooth Ceiling

Stippled/Popcorn ceilings are a builder's shortcut for reducing production time: a smoothly finished ceiling is what your home deserves. Get rid of the visual noise!

If you wish to add some elegance to your home, our Dustless Popcorn Ceiling Scrape and Smooth service is quick and affordable, and this upgrade will add visual height to your room as well.

Our process:

  1. If necessary, test for asbestos and get results.
  2. All furniture is removed from the room.
  3. Your floors are protected – we add a triple layer of floor protection (see image below).
  4. Your walls are protected by a single layer of protection.
  5. If your ceiling is painted and asbestos-free, we mechanically extract the dust simultaneously and apply a Level 5 plaster system - minimum 4 coats of gypsum plaster.
  6. If your ceiling contains asbestos, we seal the surface and apply a Level 5 plaster system – minimum of 4 coats of gypsum plaster.
  7. We then re-sand and extract the dust, leaving it paint-ready. We will refer a painter if required.

Asbestos Testing Now Available

The material used by builders to produce the stippled look for ceilings sometimes contains asbestos, a very hazardous material with serious potential health consequences.

Damage and deterioration increase the friability of asbestos-containing materials, meaning the fiber particles can easily become airborne. 

This is a health risk because the body cannot break them down or remove the fibers once they are lodged in lung or body tissues. The fibers remain in place where they can cause disease.

We think it’s important that homeowners know about the health risks of the materials used to build their homes.

If asbestos is contained in your ceiling then we will not sand it down, due to the health risk. Instead we will seal the ceiling and apply a level 5 plaster system directly over it. This is an advanced technique not offered by many tradespeople.

​Because of demand, we now offer Asbestos testing for your ceiling, through an accredited laboratory that will tell you if your stippled ceilings contain asbestos. Results can be collected in as little as 24 hours.
Read more about asbestos...

Dust Control & Floor Protection

We utilize a dust-free sanding system via wet-sand technique or mechanical extraction. Our system is so good that it provides a 95% Dust Free environment for you and your family.

We care about your home so much that we've developed our 3 Level Shield Floor Protection System to ensure that your floor looks as good when we're done as it did when we started.

We have used Fine Finish for a lot of our projects. Most recently a two storey ceiling that needed to be smoothed out from the old popcorn ceiling we scraped. Jay and his team do a great job every time!

Quality is A++++

 Anita ES


Our painter who's been painting for 40 years is really impressed with the job you did on the ceilings. 

He has never seen such flat and straight ceilings and will definitely pass your name on to anyone who asks.

Lori P


I wanted my stippled ceiling flattened and the water damage fixed. Jason flattened the stippled ceiling perfectly and pointed out to me that there was more damage on my ceiling than I had realized.

He used another system to fix the damages and the end result is amazing!


Jason goes out of his way to make sure things get done properly and efficiently. Thanks again!






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