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For Top Quality Drywall Installation and Finishing, We’re The Pros

Finely finished walls are almost unnoticeable because they're exactly what you expect to see, however with the shortage of skilled trades today there are many walls that are being noticed for all the wrong reasons. If you're looking for beautifully finished walls that are straight, true, and seamless, we're the team to hire. Our team are highly skilled classically trained master plasterers who aren't satisfied until the job is done right.

Proper Drywalling and Taping Installation

After insulation is complete, you’re ready for drywall.

  1. It’s integral to the performance of the wall system to select the correct drywall type for the application and joist/truss span.
  2. Drywall is hung horizontally and joint-staggered
  3. Drywall sheets span all doors and windows. Depending on the framing material, it’s important to use the correct thread-type for your fasteners (screws).
  4. Joint gaps wider than 1/8 inch receive pre-fill, a hot-mud material such as CGC Sheet Rock 20 to eliminate air blisters in joint tape.
  5. Paper tape is always used in our extreme Canadian climate. Mesh tape does not have the strength required to mitigate the expansion and contraction of underlying structure.
  6. All butt joints and corner bead receive a minimum of one coat of hot mud sheetrock 20, 45, 90 this gives the bead and butt joints body/fullness with out leaving it looking cupped or gaunt.
  7. A level 4 taping system is standard for interior, which includes pre-fill, tape embedment, 3 top coats of plaster and sanding, ready for primer We employ a dustless sanding system (info below) for our clients. There is no need for sanding between coats when applied properly.

Dust Control

We utilize a dust-free sanding system via wet-sand technique or mechanical extraction. Our system is so good that it provides a 95% Dust Free environment for you and your family.


Ready to hire the best Drywallers?

We are the best in the business. Our highly trained craftsmen and family-friendly process ensure you get the job done right.



Jason and his team dry-walled, sanded and taped the entire interior of my basement. I am very happy with the work done. They were very professional and the final product looks great!


We have used Fine Finish for a lot of our projects. Most recently a two storey ceiling that needed to be smoothed out from the old popcorn ceiling we scraped. Jay and his team do a great job every time!
Quality is A++++

Anita ES


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