foundation cracks

Red Flags in Your Home – Part 2

Every homeowner wants to know that their home’s structure is solid and will last for years, but people tend to look the other way when some “red flag items” show themselves, like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand, avoiding the problem.

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row of doors in black and white

The Keys to Choosing a Professional Contractor

These days just about anyone can build themselves a professional looking website, but you want to hire a contractor who can build structures in your home, and that takes experience and skill.

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home maintenance and dealing with water damage

Red Flags in Your Home

If you address minor issues in your home when they appear, you will save a lot of money in the long run. You may also prevent health side effects, especially when water damage turns into insect infestation or mold! Fix it before the problem gets more serious (and expensive)!

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healthy family home

Does Your Ceiling Contain Asbestos?

At Fine Finish we care about health and safetyl. If we discover asbestos in your ceiling then we will not sand it down, due to the health risk. Instead we will seal the ceiling and apply a level 5 plaster system directly over it. This is an advanced technique.

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FineFinish Drywall for Ceiling

Installing Drywall the Professional Way

Homeowners and handymen are often under the false impression that drywall installation is the simplest part of a basement renovation. It seems almost as easy as LEGO!  Once the framing is up, simply screw in the wall boards to cover the entire surface and voilà, on to taping! …. Well sorry to say, but actually proper drywall/sheetrock […]

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stipple ceiling water damage

Homeowner Beware! 3 Ways NOT to Repair Your Damaged Ceiling

Homeowner beware: 3 “quick fix solutions” that homeowners often fall for. We get it – spending money to repair your ceiling is not sexy or even interesting. Most homeowners want to spend the bare minimum, when it comes to home repairs. If a contractor suggests any of these, run the other way!

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5 Reasons to Smooth Your Ceilings

hardly anyone ever chooses to add stipple to a smooth ceiling. Stippled ceilings are basically a builder’s shortcut to hide imperfections in their plasterwork, and that is common knowledge.

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FineFinish Cartoon - crop knee

Different Types of Contractors – What’s the Difference?

Tradesman, skilled labourer, builder, general contractor, commercial contractor, craftsman, handyman, what’s the difference between all these types of contractors? It’s valuable to know, so you can make the best choice, when selecting a company to work in and on your home.

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Plaster Cornice Sample with Lighting

Modern Plaster Mouldings – What Are They Made Of?

Gone are the days when cornice and crown ceiling mouldings are constructed of pure plaster. the modern solution to interior and exterior architectural mouldings is EPS – Expandable Polystyrene. For interior spaces, EPS is coated in plaster.

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Make Sure Your Framing is Done Right

The reason it’s important to install framing correctly is that when done incorrectly, finished walls will show imperfections and eventually mouldings, baseboard and paint will fail by warping and/or cracking.

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