About Us

About Us

About Fine Finish Wall Systems - Our Story

Jason Harper formed Fine Finish Wall Systems after he became disillusioned with trends in the construction and renovation industry. He was tired of seeing people getting ripped-off and exploited by under-qualified and unscrupulous contractors only interested in getting paid. These so-called professionals lack care, concern and quality and fail to meet minimum standards of work. They fail to learn or understand the basic science behind their trade: they often leave homeowners stranded and out of pocket. This has to stop.

It is our company’s goal and mission to bring back pride, quality and purpose to the construction sector that has seemingly given way to poor workmanship, low standards, laziness and greed.

Jason Harper - Fine Finish Wall Systems

Jason Harper

Founder & CEO

Jason’s classical plaster training commenced in 1996 under the guidance and instruction of Union Local 1891, after an apprenticeship in interior plaster systems. A lifelong learner, he expanded his knowledge base of plaster works through further training and apprenticeships in exterior plaster and cladding systems. This led to the inception of Fine Finish Wall Systems which offers a full array of wall system design and engineering solutions to the GTA.

Jason is an avid amateur sport shooter and enjoys volunteering as a youth mentor in the local school.  He is especially proud of his contributions as a mentor to young entrepreneurs in the community as well.

Katie Weston

Katie Weston

Customer Service & Project Management provided by Custom Admin Services

Katie has been part of the Fine Finish Team for 2 years. She is always improving our customer service and communication, and works tirelessly to provide accurate estimates, invoices, contracts and personal touch that our clients really appreciate.

Interesting fact: Katie worked as a professional French horn player for over 20 years and still plays the occasional concert.

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